They say that your smile is the first thing people notice about you. For some people, that idea can provoke a lot of anxiety. For people with gummy smiles, smiling can feel like exposing themselves to criticism. Some even avoid smiling because they don’t like the way it works.

At Studio B Smiles, we’re proud that we offer a solution. As a dental office, we of course offer normal checkups and dental services. If you need a filling, a cleaning or a set of x-rays, we’ve got you covered. But we do specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Over the years, we’ve found that improving people’s smiles truly changes their lives. It can build confidence and open a whole new series of doors for some patients.

For gummy smiles, there are several ways to re-make your smile. Gum tissue can be removed with a laser. We do this right in the office, and many patients respond well to this treatment. There’s a limit to how much tissue can be removed with a laser, however.

Another option is to have the upper jaw can be re-set, but this is a very invasive procedure. It also requires lots of recovery time. A more popular and less invasive procedure is the lip repositioning procedure.

Lip repositioning sounds scary, but it’s actually a very simple procedure. It can be done in any oral surgeon’s office. It involves snipping a piece of tissue above the gums. This results in the lip not moving so far up when you smile. This means the lip frames the teeth more nicely going forward.

If you’re unhappy with your gummy smile, we can help. We’ll take a look at the situation and help you decide which procedure is the best for you. We perform laser treatment right here. If you do want or need lip repositioning, we can get you a referral to a great surgeon. And we’ll work with that professional to make sure you get the best of care. We have a Scottsdale location and a new Downtown Phoenix Dentist office as well.

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