The Oral Health Division of the CDC estimates that nearly half of adults over the age of 30 already show some signs of gum disease. If you’d like to minimize the chances of developing this for yourself, then it’s important to take gum health seriously. Fortunately, this is possible with dedication, a good Scottsdale, AZ dentist to provide gum treatment, and the tips below.

1. Brush

Brushing twice per day is just as good for your gums as it is your pearly whites. That’s because your toothbrush gently scrubs food, bacteria, and plaque away from the gums and teeth so your mouth feels and looks clean. While a manual toothbrush is beneficial, it’s a good idea to invest in an electric toothbrush for an even better clean.

2. Floss Regularly

Many patients do not floss as often as they should, which puts them at greater risk of gum issues such as bleeding and soreness. To give your gums a boost, it’s recommended to floss at least once per day. This will remove bits of food and bacteria while also helping to minimize plaque buildup.

3. Rinse Your Mouth

ADA-approved therapeutic mouthwashes can be found at most grocery and drug stores, so pick one up next time you run errands. Rinse with it once per day to get rid of bacteria and help keep your gums and mouth much healthier.

4. Visit Your Dentist

Regular dental cleanings with our Scottsdale dentist are important. These cleanings will get rid of tartar and plaque in order to keep your gums and teeth healthier. As an added benefit, regular cleanings can also help keep your teeth looking clean and white.

5. Eat a Healthy Diet

Foods that are high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, are excellent at helping keep the gums clean. Stay away from soft drinks, alcohol, starchy foods, and sticky sweets, as these can damage gum health.

6. Stop Smoking

Smoking can increase your chances of developing gum disease by weakening your immune system. This habit can also make your gums slow to heal after being damaged, which can cause additional problems in the future.

If you need help keeping your gums and teeth clean, give our office at Studio B. Smiles a call. Our Scottsdale, AZ dentists are dedicated to five-star dental care!

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