Just as it is with other aspects of your body’s health, maintaining excellent oral healthcare is essential to keep you feeling good as you get older. In fact, poor oral hygiene has been linked to many different types of serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and various others. To keep your teeth, gums, and the rest of your body in excellent condition, focusing on a complete oral healthcare program with Studio B is your best bet.

Your First Visit
Upon your initial visit to Studio B, you will be given a complete evaluation of your oral health status. Along with including a full dental and periodontal evaluation, doctors and staff may also perform a TMJ assessment and oral cancer screening if deemed necessary. Based on the information gathered from these evaluations, Studio B staff can then work with you to recommend and explain certain treatments, create a treatment plan to fit your needs, and of course listen to any concerns you may have about what comes next.

Quality over Quantity
If you’ve been to other dentists over the years, you know all about the 15-20 minute visit. In these situations, you may get your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist, then have a dentist come in and out of the room so quickly that a blink of your eyes means you miss it altogether. But at Studio B, we value quality over quantity. Instead, we make it a priority to ensure each patient who walks through our doors spends far more time talking to the dentist and staff members, rather than getting to know each page of every magazine in our waiting room. If you’re tired of feeling as if your dental health is being compromised, then it’s time to try Studio B.

Why Wait?
Now that you know what to expect when you visit Studio B Smiles, why wait any longer to get started on receiving excellent oral healthcare? If you’re eager to get the smile you’ve always wanted or have other needs to be addressed, call us today at 480-860-0092 or schedule your appointment online at studiobsmiles.com.

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