Having healthy teeth means more than just liking the way they look. Healthy teeth are strong, cavity-free and allow the person to have outstanding dental checkups with minimal problems. Unfortunately, there are some unhealthy habits that you might do everyday without even noticing that they have any effect on your teeth. By obliterating these habits, you’re likely to improve the health of your teeth and gums for better oral hygiene.

Eating and Drinking After Brushing Your Teeth at Night
The vast majority of us have thankfully gotten into the habit of brushing at least twice a day. When you brush your teeth at night, you might not have even realized that it can be problematic if you eat and drink after doing so. Let’s say that you brush your teeth at the sink each night before getting into your pajamas. You then climb into bed with a juice, glass of wine or a sweet sugary snack. This habit can lead to dental decay because the sugars in the beverages and foods can eat away at the fragile enamel of the teeth all night long. Get in the habit of brushing your teeth immediately before bed and after you’ve eaten and had drinks for the day.

Chewing on Pencils and Pens
You might not think that chewing on a pen at work while contemplating your next project does any harm, but it can seriously wear down the teeth and cause decay due to weakened enamel. One way to transfer one habit to another is by avoiding biting on those pens and pencils and simply tap them on your desk. It might be annoying to your coworkers, but at least you’re not damaging your teeth and it still provides the mental distraction that you need.

Brushing Only When You Remember
Too many people forgo the old adage that you need to brush twice a day. If you only brush when you remember, you’re doing your teeth a disservice. Dental decay can happen much more quickly the less you brush, so it’s crucial that you get yourself in the habit of brushing twice a day or after every meal.

Smoking and Sugary Snacks
Smoking causes a lot of oral health problems for those who stick with this habit for any length of time. People who smoke deal with gum disease and tooth loss a lot more often than individuals who are tobacco-free. The same applies to individuals who eat a lot of sugary snacks. These sugars are what plaque and bacteria feed on, so the more you eat those delicious sugar-laden pastries, the more likely this bacteria will eat away at your teeth.

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