Dental implants play an integral part of a patient’s recovery process following an accident or severe injury involving the jaw and face. These devices are made of titanium and dental implants can be used to replace lost teeth in a variety of situations. Here is a brief description of Scottsdale as a dental implant placement locale:

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are far more durable and stronger than their regular replacement counterparts. This allows for a longer and more useful lifespan than with dentures and bridges. Also, dental implants provide a long-lasting permanent solution to missing teeth. In addition, dental implants can also be used in conjunction with many other restorative procedures to achieve maximum effectiveness.

If you are a person who has suffered some type of injury or have an underlying condition that requires placement of a tooth implant then you may benefit from the services provided by a dentist in Scottsdale. Tooth implant services can be offered in two different procedures. If the damage to the bone or jawbone is so extensive that a complete tooth root implant is not possible then a bridge or crown may be an option instead. If the bone has begun to break down at an angle and cannot support the tooth replacement then a dental bridge may be your only option. If you meet all of these ideal candidate criteria then dental implants in Scottsdale will help you regain your ability to chew and smile.

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