In today’s world, many people are recognizing that poor health can lead to a wide variety of unwanted outcomes like lethargy and mood instability. Luckily, there are many health strategies that an individual can implement to avoid these outcomes and obtain optimal levels of mental and physical well-being. One of them is the consistent implementation of proven strategies that are known to optimize mouth health. Below are some simple strategies you can use to keep yourself on the road to attaining optimal mouth health:

1. Avoid Soda At All Costs.

Although many people enjoy the taste of soda, it’s important to know that this beverage is not conducive to mouth health. In fact, there are two ingredients in the beverage (citric acid and phosphoric acid) that erode the surface of your teeth. When individuals drink a can or more of soda per day, their teeth become more susceptible to cavities and the enamel becomes softer. Rather than drinking soda, try consuming water instead. You can add flavor to the beverage by including mint leaves, crushed berries, or sliced citrus.

2. Ditch The Sugar.

Sugar consumption is a big no-no if you’re serious about facilitating and optimizing oral health. This is the case because sugar fuels acidity and bacteria in the mouth, thereby causing plaque to eat away at the gums and enamel. Unfortunately, an individual’s teeth are subjected to 20 minutes of acid production each time they indulge in a sugar fest. Thus while you might enjoy having ice cream before bed or a sweetened cup of joe in the morning, doing so is not good for your teeth. In addition to reducing your sugar intake, make sure that you are flossing and brushing after each snack and meal.

3. Don’t Skip Your Doctor’s Visits.

Unfortunately, roughly 50% of American adults don’t visit the dentist annually. The reasons for this are diverse, and some of them include finances, dental phobia, or simple neglect. Irrespective of your reason for not making it into the doctor’s office, you need to change your behavioral pattern immediately. This is the case because your annual or semi-annual visit will enable the dentist to catch and resolve issues such as gum disease and decay.


If you’re serious about attaining optimal levels of mouth health, know that there are many strategies you can engage in to realize the objective. Three of them are outlined above. Start integrating these strategies into your normative behavioral patterns so you can optimize the health and aesthetic appeal of your pearly whites!

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