When many people think of a healthy smile, the first image conjured is that of shiny, effervescent and, above all, white teeth.

That said, the teeth are continually exposed to food, beverages, and potentially harmful particles like pathogens. Any of these items could cause aesthetically-pleasing white teeth to turn yellow and other undesirable colors.

Ergo, many people concerned about their physical appearance and oral health continually strive to keep their teeth as white as possible.

Natural Teeth-Whitening Methods

Fortunately, there are several natural teeth-whitening techniques people can employ such as:

Brushing With Baking Soda

Baking soda has enjoyed a long and favorable reputation as a tooth-whitening agent. The product possesses mild abrasive properties rendering it capable of eliminating stubborn stains.

Placing Citrus Or Tropical Fruit Peels On Teeth

Individuals have found success rubbing banana, orange, and lemon peels against their teeth. Typically, adherents perform said task for several minutes and then thoroughly brush their teeth and rinse their mouths out.

Oral care providers opine that this effort might prove effective because the aforementioned fruit coverings contain citrus acid. This substance is relatively corrosive and could eliminate existing stains or other forms of discoloring.

Consuming A Produce-Rich Diet

Edibles like fruits and vegetables not only contain tooth-strengthening nutrients but are often crunchy. When one chews, this crunchiness helps remove a tooth-damaging substance called plaque.

Rinsing Using Sea Salt

Salt is somewhat abrasive and is known for holding anti-microbial properties. Therefore, the commonly consumed condiment has produced favorable results in eliminating dental stains and killing detrimental materials like bacteria.

Oil Pulling

Oral care proponents have found that exposing one’s teeth to natural cooking oils, such as those containing sunflower, coconut, or sesame has garnered positive outcomes.

Practice Optimal Dental Hygiene

Naturally, maintaining white, bright, and healthy teeth often hinges on practicing optimal oral hygiene. This means brushing at least twice per day, flossing following meals, and rinsing with mouthwash after brushing sessions.

Contacting Us

Arguably, the most direct and efficient teeth-whitening measure is to obtain adequate professional care. Though the preceding tips may produce intended results, nothing substitutes for thorough dental evaluations.

Moreover, few professionals possess more experience or can boast a better track record of helping people in Phoenix maintain healthy, white teeth than the team at Studio B Smiles. Please contact us for further questions or to schedule an appointment. Our website is http://studiobsmiles.com/.

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