For many people, the thought of going to the dentist and having their teeth examined for cavities makes them nervous to say the least. Up until only a few years ago, dentists would use a sharp instrument called an explorer to detect tooth decay, a process which could be painful to patients. However, thanks to technology continuing to make its mark in dentistry, sharp instruments such as an explorer have been pushed aside in favor of state-of-the-art laser cavity detection. Along with making the detection of tooth decay and cavities pain-free, there are many other benefits for patients.

Earlier Detection
Using a laser named the KaVo Diagnodent, dentists here at Studio B Smiles can detect tooth decay much earlier than in years past. The Diagnodent, which is able to scan a patient’s teeth via laser fluoroscopy, can detect microscopic breaks in a person’s tooth enamel, indicating decay is present. Since the initial breaks in tooth enamel are often so small they cannot even be detected through the use of an explorer, using laser cavity detection technology can catch problems much earlier and allow for quicker treatment.

Easier Treatments
Along with making this process pain-free and allowing for earlier detection, laser cavity detection can also allow dentists here at Studio B Smiles to enact treatments that are much easier and more conservative. Rather than having teeth where much of the natural tooth may have already been lost to decay, patients can have restorations made to teeth that still have most of their natural structure in place. As a result, treatment plans can begin much faster and produce excellent results.

Since you now know the process of detecting cavities can be pain-free and much more effective through the use of laser cavity detection, it would be the perfect time to schedule an appointment with us here at Studio B Smiles. If you want to ensure your teeth stay in excellent condition and are tended to by dentists and staff that truly care about you and your family, schedule an appointment soon by calling us at 480-860-0092 or visiting us online at

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