Few oral issues are more aesthetically-unpleasing than brown or yellow teeth stains. These issues not only prove embarrassing but could threaten the impacted individual’s desire to smile or engage in social interactions. Studio B Smiles, which serves the residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding Arizona regions, invites our current and potential patients to read this short piece providing an overview of stained teeth and potential remedial options. Causes Arguably, the

When many people think of dental care, their focus lands primarily on their teeth. While said oral components are crucial to optimal dental health, the well-being of one’s gums should never be overlooked. One common problem individuals might encounter during their lifetime is a receding gum line. Studio B Smiles, a dental practice serving the residents and patients of Phoenix, Scottsdale and adjacent Arizona communities, invites current and prospective patients

Your smile can be worth a million dollars. It’s one of the first things people are going to notice about you. Whether you are headed out on a date, you are planning a social gathering, or you want to open doors in your field of work, flashing your pearly whites can help you on your way. Unfortunately, your smile may not live up to your expectations. You may have beautiful

Though sometimes overlooked, optimal oral care can prove critical to an individual’s overall health and aesthetic appearance. Many people understand the importance of engaging in dental maintenance actions, such as brushing and flossing regularly. However, receiving professional teeth whitening treatments might also significantly enhance one’s dental well-being. Studio B Smiles invites the residents of Phoenix, Scottsdale and those living in the suburbs of these metropolises to read this brief work

Various dental health issues can affect your teeth and give you sleepless nights. Some of them include cavities, periodontitis, gum disease, sensitive teeth, and cracked dentition. The existing conditions have serious health effects since bacteria and infections lead to heart disease, premature birth, and low birth weight as well. On that account, you should see a dentist perform the following procedures. Fluoride Treatment If you have cavities, you can rest