Each of the available tooth whitening treatment options for teeth whitening come with a different price tag. The easiest and least expensive way to whiten your teeth is with an over the counter teeth whitener kit that you can purchase at your local pharmacy or discount retailer. Many of these kits work just as well as their high-cost counterparts, but they don’t deliver on the results you desire. Read on to discover 5 types of Teeth Whitening treatments and costs.

Professional teeth whitening in Scottsdale takes a little more time and a bit more money, but it is more effective. This method involves going to a dental practice that offers this type of services and getting a custom-designed treatment done on your teeth. It usually takes several visits to get your desired results. Not only is this the most expensive, and time-consuming option, but it also can be very costly depending on the type of treatment you go with. The average price is $400 for a two-hour treatment, but you can get much cheaper deals if you book online.

If you want your smile to be white like yours used to be, you will need to find a method of tooth whitening in Scottsdale that uses the same ingredients as those found in your dental office. Over-the-counter methods use chemicals that bleach your teeth, removing stains from your teeth while temporarily lightening the color of them. This isn’t the most effective way to whiten teeth because it doesn’t remove stains from deep within your enamel. This is why the solution typically applied to your teeth before a professional teeth whitening procedure uses a gel that lightens the color of your tooth’s enamel. You’ll still see the stains left behind by these products, but they won’t be nearly as visible.

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