Dental crowns are a popular treatment that will help to protect a damaged, misshapen tooth from further infection, repair a tooth that was badly broken or give a tooth a natural, attractive look. Patients can also use dental crowns because they appear natural at first, but have the durable strength that just metal can offer. A patient may choose to get either porcelain or metal dental crowns depending on their preference. The patient should remember that dental crowns can be more expensive than filling the tooth, and they may also require special cleaning at the dentist’s office before and after the procedure is completed. Before a person decides to get crowns, they should find out about the cost of getting them and about the specific benefits that they offer.

In Arizona, dental crowns work on all types of teeth, and they are available at most dental clinics. To get one of these crowns, a patient needs to make an appointment with a dentist in Arizona. During the appointment, the dentist will work to create a dental crown by removing a small amount of the tooth enamel with a tiny wire brush. Once the enamel is removed, a crown is created by placing the new tooth crown over the tooth.

To complete the process, the cosmetic dentist will glue a titanium post to the tooth. These posts are placed into the holes that were created for dental crowns, and they help to stabilize the new crown onto the tooth. After that process is complete, the dentist will cover the hole with a crown cap that will help to keep the new crown in place. The entire procedure usually takes just a few visits to the Arizona dentist’s office and can last between two to four weeks. However, patients should make sure that their teeth are healthy before getting dental crowns.

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