At Studio B Smiles, we are devoted to offering you the best services regarding your oral healthcare. We have services ranging from general inspection to conclusive smile regeneration. We help our clients solve all general dental issues, not forgetting high-class cosmetic dentistry. We are the leading cosmetic dentist office in Scottsdale, as well as Phoenix. Visit us to enjoy a professional experience.

We house a team of experts with experience in handling complicated dental issues uniquely. Studio B Smiles employ modern dental technology. It has earned a reputable name by using advanced lab equipment in all procedures. We ensure to give our clients the best experience in every step of the process.

Our Services in Smile Makeovers
To help you achieve the ultimate Smile Makeover, we employ techniques that whiten and straighten your teeth. We can even change the teeth’s shape, where we deem necessary. Are you struggling with teeth spacing and alignment issues? Well, all you need to do is reach out, book an appointment with us, and leave the rest to our experts.

Internal Oral Imaging
To help us perform proper diagnostic, we employ digital imaging. The system allows us to carry out conclusive inspection and an interview to help you achieve an incredible smile makeover. We communicate with the patients during the procedure using digital photography, making sure that they accomplish their mission. Taking photos before and after the process is also part of our duty. That helps the client identify the difference and appreciate the quality of services offered.

Our Digital X-rays Services
The use of digital imaging is not only advanced technology, but it is the most significant portion of cosmetic dentistry in modern days. It plays a vital role in educating the patient as well as in communication. It helps reveals every area that demands attention for the client and the dentist to see.

The Name Behind Studio B Smiles
Dr. John Badolato, who founded Studio B Smiles, is devoted to offering proper oral treatment. He has earned a boundless reputation through engaging patients on a personal level. Together with his reputable team, he strives to deliver top notch customer service in all dental care procedures.

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