Once you are able to schedule an appointment for cosmetic dentistry, you’ll likely feel relief that the procedure is finally planned. However, you may have some concerns about health and safety, particularly in seasons where certain diseases spread. Paying attention to certain advice and protocols can help ease your mind and allow you to focus on the positive aspects.

Speak with the Practice
Chances are that the dental practice has already established procedures for handling your concerns. For example, the receptionist may request that you wait outside in your car until the appointment starts. Then, after the previous patient leaves, you can go in. You can also ask about cleaning procedures at the practice.

Wear a Mask
If you do have to sit in the waiting room for awhile, consider the use of a mask to cover your nose and mouth. The office may even require that you wear one while you are waiting for the appointment to begin. Of course, you cannot wear the mask during the time when the actual procedure is done, but you can likely leave it on until right before and put it back on immediately after.

Wash and Change
You might also feel concerned about bringing germs from the dentist home with you. Immediately upon arriving home, you can remove your shoes, take a shower and change your clothes. Washing your hands with soap and water before you touch anything in your home can also help here.

Stay Home
Taking care of dental work is important, but you also need to consider your overall health and the wellness of others. If you feel a cold coming on or other signs of illness as your appointment day and time approach, call the office to let the receptionist know that you would like to reschedule. By going to the office when you’re not well, you are threatening the wellnesses of other patients and the staff.

Once your appointment for cosmetic dentistry is booked, you may have some health and safety concerns. An open and honest conversation with the practitioners and the employment of some strategies can help.

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