Pregnancy is the most beautiful time in a woman’s life, but it can wreak havoc on her smile. Pregnancy is known for causing hormones to soar, which often causes those infamous mood swings and pickles and ice cream cravings. Pregnancy hormones also increase a woman’s chances of developing oral health issues in the form of gum disease. You don’t want your smile to suffer, especially since you know your oral heal is directly related to your overall health. Your oral health is also related to the overall health of your unborn baby. Now’s the time to learn how to prevent health issues in your unborn baby caused by your oral health.

Before Pregnancy

If you have the luxury of handling your oral health before you get pregnant, now is a great time to do so. Make an appointment with your dentist before you start trying for that baby. Let your dentist figure out if there are any concerns. If there are issues in your mouth, your dentist can handle them right away. Treating issues now helps you have a more enjoyable, healthier pregnancy and baby.

During Pregnancy

It’s imperative you don’t forget to care for your teeth while you’re pregnant. Many pregnant women who experience side effects such as sensitivity to smell and morning sickness might forgo some of their oral health care needs. Perhaps the smell of your toothpaste makes you feel sick, so you rush through brushing without spending the full two minutes getting every nook and cranny. Maybe you are nauseous all the time and your mouthwash or floss only aggravates that feeling. Now’s when you call your dentist to ask if they can provide you with new products that are blander, less potent, and better for you during this time. Always check with a your OBGYN as well about you going to the dentist.

After Birth

Your oral health is still important, so don’t let the hectic new schedule of a new baby stop you from caring for your oral health. In fact, keep your next appointment and discuss your baby’s oral health while you’re there. Your baby should begin seeing a pediatric dentist around six months or when his or her first teeth begin to develop.

Caring for your teeth before, during, and after your pregnancy isn’t an option. You and your baby deserve healthy, beautiful smiles. Let your dentist help you achieve that, because it does have an effect on the overall health of your baby and your own health.

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