It can happen in an instant. A young athlete participating in a contact sport such as basketball, football or hockey is struck in the face, sustaining a dental or tissue injury. One of the most commonly occurring injuries in sports is a mouth injury. Parents can sleep easier and young athletes can play with more confidence when they are protected from traumatic blows to the mouth that can occur during competition by wearing sports guards in Scottsdale AZ.

Studio B Smiles can provide individuals with three different types of sports mouth guards that greatly lower the risk of traumatic injury to lips, mouth, oral tissue and teeth:

1. Basic Sports Guard

This simple guard, constructed of a strong elastometeric polymer material, is custom fit to an athlete’s unique bite and dentition. This semi-soft sports guard does an excellent job of protecting the mouth against traumatic blows.

2. UnderArmour Bite

This type of guard was developed using BestBite technology. What’s special about this type of mouth guard is that it positions the athlete’s bite in the most optimal way to enhance performance and allow for airway intake. This style of sports mouth guard has become very popular among high school students who participate in contact sports as well as older individuals who consider themselves weekend athletes. For both groups, it provides very good protection that helps to increase performance levels.

3. PPM (Pure Power Mouth Guard)

This is the most advanced sports mouth guard that Studio B Smiles can provide. This Pure Power Mouth Guard is the most advanced mouth and teeth protective device available in the marketplace today. It find’s the athlete’s optimal jaw relationship during a custom fitting for optimal protection and performance enhancement. This model is the same type of mouth protection worn by professional NasCar, NFL, NBA and other athletes. Even professional surfers have discovered the advantages of investing in a PPM sports mouth guard.

Contact our office today for a consultation regarding a customized fitting for any of these Sports Mouth Guards. Wearing one can prevent serious mouth and dental injury in addition to enhancing your performance as a contact sports participant.

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