Most anyone can benefit from professional teeth whitening in Scottsdale. Individuals who consume coffee regularly, as well as smokers, especially benefit from this service since these products oftentimes discolor and stain the teeth. Whitening service removes stains and discolorations via an in-office procedure, giving you the confidence to smile beautifully once again. Thousands of people use tooth whitening service every year. Perhaps it’s time to schedule your own appointment.

What About At-Home Whitening Kits?

Sure, at-home whitening kits are sold online and at many drugstores for a fraction of the cost as professional service. However, these kits sometimes use abrasive ingredients that may wear down the tooth enamel, especially if used too often. The kits do not whiten the teeth as quickly, nor do they offer the same results as you get after professional dental tooth whitening service. Professional whitening service just once per year minimizes risks to the teeth and oral health while helping you maintain the pearly white teeth that you want.

Professional cleaning products contain 10x the bleaching agents as over-the-counter treatments, which explains how it whitens the teeth so remarkably in such a short amount of time. The FDA procedure is completely safe and since the dentist handles each step of the whitening process, it’s done accurately, which may not happen when using the over-the-counter solutions.

How Much Will Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

Professional teeth whitening costs vary from one person to the next. Many dentists offer special promotions and deals for customers interested in whitening service, which considerably reduces the costs of services. Factors such as the dentist chosen for service, type of whitening solution, and special offers affect the cost. On average, teeth whitening service costs about $650, although it may cost as much as $1,400.

Is Teeth Whitening Service Right for You?

If your smile isn’t as beautiful and bright as you’d like for it to be due to stains, discolorations, etc., professional teeth whitening in Scottsdale makes it easy to smile again. Although most insurance will not cover the costs of service, financing and payment options make the service easier on the budget. Teeth whitening can improve your smile, confidence, and your oral health.

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