Did you know that over 90% of Americans will sustain a cavity during their adult lives? Due to several factors, many Americans don’t maintain proper dental care, succumbing to cavities, root canals, extractions, gingivitis, and other problems. Today, we’re going to look at a few at-home measures you can take to protect your pearly whites.

1. Eat Healthily

Along with the health benefits of eating a well-balanced diet, consuming the right foods can benefit your oral health. We recommend staying away from fast-food, sugary drinks, hard candy, and unhealthy snacks. Replacing these foods with a well-balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins should improve your oral health.

2. Quit Smoking

Not only can smoking cause health concerns such as lung cancer, but it can also be detrimental to your oral health. First of all, smoking often causes your teeth to turn yellow, not an attractive look. Additionally, smoking increases the risk of periodontal disease, an infection that impacts your gums. Finally, smoking holds the potential to cause oral cancer.

3. Keep Up With The Basics

The best way to keep your mouth clean is by practicing the basics of oral care. This includes:

  • Brushing for one to two minutes twice per day.
  • Flossing daily.
  • Using mouthwash once per day.

Taking these basic steps is an excellent start to obtaining healthy teeth.

4. Use The Right Dental Products

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of obtaining oral health is using the right dental products. Not all dental products are created equal. You should look for toothpaste and mouthwash that have a healthy amount of fluoride. Additionally, it is ideal that you use a spin brush to clean your teeth. If you have specific dental needs, consult with your local dentist in AZ to find the products best suited for you.

5. Schedule Bi-Annual Dental Visits

Finally, one of the most important steps you can take to obtain healthy teeth is scheduling regular dental visits. By visiting one of our dentists at Studio B Smiles, you can take an important step towards developing excellent oral health.

Hopefully, you now understand a few of the measures you must take to keep your mouth healthy. Use these tips to obtain a healthy, beautiful smile. If you have any dental inquiries, contact us at Studio B Smiles.

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