Whether you play football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport where it is possible you may come into contact with another player, there is always the chance you may get hit in the mouth. Whether it’s from an errant elbow or a ball finding its way to your mouth, you may find yourself suddenly needing some extensive dental work. However, if you happen to be wearing a customized sports guard in your mouth when that elbow or ball comes flying your way, you may find your teeth are well-protected. If you are wondering why sports guards are so important, here are few reasons to keep in mind before you step onto the field or court.

Customized for You
Here at Studio B Smiles, we believe giving our patients customized treatment options always produces the best results. This is especially true of sports guards, since we can use the latest technology to develop a sports guard that fits the exact shape of your mouth and teeth. By doing so, you’ll have maximum protection against those sudden and traumatic blows.

Improve Athletic Performance
Yes, sports guards have even been shown to improve an athlete’s performance. To begin with, having a sports guard that has been customized to fit your mouth allows you to have more confidence while playing the game. In addition, it also can help improve an athlete’s range of motion and balance, which also results in a better game. Since a sports guard is made to fit your mouth in a manner that is comfortable yet still protective, it can allow for easier breathing, resulting in maximum airway intake.

Since there are various types of sports guards available today, it is always best if you schedule a consultation with us here at Studio B Smiles to discuss which would work best for you. Whether it is an Under Armour bite guard for high school athletes or weekend warriors or an PPM Makkar Advantage used by many pro athletes, let us help you make the best decision. To get started, schedule a consultation today by calling Studio B Smiles at 480-860-0092

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