In general dentistry, veneers is a temporary layer of dental composite material placed on top of a tooth. Veneers protect the surface of the tooth and enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the smile. A veneer can be used for any tooth, but the most common are veneers for the teeth to be reshaped or those that require bonding to repair small chips that may occur in the gum line.

Some people have an irregular shaped or discolored tooth, and veneers are not only used to correct these imperfections, but they can also be used to cover gaps or chips that may occur between two teeth. Some people may choose to use dental veneers to cover minor defects in their smile. The veneers will bond better than resin and bonding agents and will not slip or move on the teeth, which is important when working around the gum line. Veneers are made from thin porcelain layers fused onto a custom mold. This process takes a skilled technician and a quality set of tools, so it is important that you find a quality dental veneers provider.

Resin-based porcelain veneers are durable and often resistant to chipping and cracking, and are considered to be relatively immune to bacteria. Dental bonding veneers are constructed with a composite material which bond better with the natural teeth than resin veneers, as well as being more resistant to chipping. Although dental bonding is not a treatment in itself, it is frequently combined with other procedures to achieve a more complete aesthetic change or repair. Veneers for your smile should be researched thoroughly and your chosen provider should have excellent communication with you, answering all your questions thoroughly and providing you with clear instructions for the procedure. Once you make your decision, you can schedule the appointment to have the veneers applied so you can start looking forward to seeing the beautiful results.

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