With hopefully the vaccines and normal life fast approaching, few times are more appropriate to discuss the best alcoholic beverages for optimal oral well-being. Many people will ring in 2021 and celebrate other subsequent occasions with an adult beverage or two.

Naturally, overindulgence of alcoholic drinks could precipitate health issues and a host of other untoward problems. Therefore, said libations should always be consumed responsibly.

How Alcoholic Beverages Stack Up?


Dental professionals maintain beer is least harmful to one’s teeth. Said individuals claim beer possesses a limited acid and high water content. Furthermore, lighter beers are said to contain even lower acid counts, which could limit an individual’s chances for dental maladies like cavities.

Red Wine

Red wine is rife with powerful nutrients known as antioxidants. These substances help fight inflammation, which could contribute to the onset of gum disease and dental infections. That said, the acid content is elevated. Acidic exposure could result in erosion of tooth enamel. Moreover, red coloring could stain teeth.


The New Year’s Eve staple contains a large sugar content. Sugar is known to erode teeth and precipitate problematic occurrences like cavities. That said, champagne’s sugar concentrations are somewhat lesser than other libations and is considered less likely to stain teeth.

White Wine

Oral care providers argue that white wine, especially the sweeter varieties are amongst the worst adult beverages individuals can consume because of their exorbitant sugar content. Additionally, this product contains elevated quantities of acid.

Mixed Drinks

Dentists opine that mixed drinks are the worst offender. Hard liquor contains appreciable sugar concentrations. Moreover, on many occasions, these libations are combined with drinks such as soda or seltzer water. Soda is rife with sugar and acid. Seltzer is also carbonated and relatively acidic.


The preceding information is not likely to always deter people from enjoying their favorite drink. Therefore, those who must enjoy their beverage of choice are implored to execute oral care-friendly actions such as eating while imbibing, drinking water during a party session, and utilizing a fluoride-based mouthwash in the celebration’s wake.

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