Root canal treatments have undeservedly earned a bad name in certain circles. The truth is, a root canal is an effective treatment that can be used to help people keep their natural teeth. The American Association of Endodontists is an organization that aims to provide accurate, scientifically-based information to ensure patients get high-quality, effective treatment. Sometimes, a root canal is simply the best and most efficient method of dealing with tooth decay.

Common Myths About Root Canals

There are three commonly cited myths about how root canals affect patients. They can be broken down into three basic camps. The first group suggests that root canals are painful. The second camp believes that a root canal actually makes the infection worse. Meanwhile, a third camp believes that extraction is a suitable alternative to a root canal. It’s a good idea to see a dentist in Scottsdale if you have any questions or concerns, but these three beliefs are not based in fact.

The Truth About Pain

Bottom line, a root canal doesn’t create pain. In fact, the goal is to relieve the pain. When you have an infected tooth, you’ll experience horrible shooting pains, swelling and discomfort. Avoid it too long, and you’ll likely lose the tooth. In some rare cases, the tooth can become so infected that the infection can begin to spread to other areas of the face and body. The absolute worst case scenario is a brain infection.

While root canals may not be an ideal way to spend the afternoon, they are really no more painful than a filling. Many patients feel no pain at all. Regardless, it’s certainly better than the alternative. A cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale can provide you with the right care to ensure that you don’t suffer from serious side effects.

Root Canals Breed Illness

Ask any cosmetic dentist in Phoenix about whether a root canal can cause illness, and you’ll discover that the answer is a resounding no. The roots of this theory come from a claim made over a century ago by Dr. Weston A. Price. He believed that root canals caused illness. Of course, we believed a lot of things 100 years ago that we wouldn’t think twice about today.

Dental health, and especially dental root canals have come a long way in the last 100 years. We now know that a root canal is a safe procedure that eliminates bacteria from the mouth and can preserve the natural tooth. A root canal can help reduce the likelihood of needing veneers and smile makeovers.

The Extraction of the Tooth

Whenever possible, keeping the original teeth is the best option. An artificial tooth may require you to avoid certain foods, and it may make it impossible for you to avoid a good variety of food to enjoy your health. A dental crown or dental fillings is always preferred to removing the tooth. Additionally, if you do get an artificial tooth put in place of your natural one, you’ll likely need teeth whitening that is designed to make the new tooth look like the natural ones.

Ultimately, it’s important to see a dentist when you have any tooth pain. Professional treatment is the best way to ensure you get to keep your original teeth. Trust the knowledge and experience of a qualified dentist in Scottsdale, and don’t fall for the misinformation that permeates the Internet.

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