A mouth is one of the vital body parts which carries the essential sense of a human being, taste, and talking. In it are the teeth, tongue, salivary glands, mandibles, among many other important body parts. It is crucial to take maximum care of our mouth and maintain oral health; otherwise, we will experience some dental problems. Some of the common dental problems may include tooth decay, gingivitis, gum diseases, periodontitis, and dry mouth. Let’s have an in-depth of what causes dental problems and general oral disorders.

Bacteria and Viruses
When we open our mouths, air tends to flow in, and the air contains invisible microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Some bacteria come from the food we eat and from our hands. Generally, the microorganisms are harmless when they are found in small quantities. Otherwise, when you consume a diet that is full of sugars, you increase the number of bacteria, and this leads to the development of poor breath in your mouth.

Use of Some Medications
Some drugs that are used in the treatment of some medical conditions tend to dry out saliva in the mouth, causing mouth dryness. It is, therefore, vital to seek medical advice before treating any disease so that you can have a clear understanding of the side effects on your oral health.

The use of tobacco is not only dangerous to the lungs as known to many, but it also has an impact on the consumer’s oral health. Many people who use tobacco always have bad breath, and some might wonder what could be the problem without knowing it is the drug they are using.

Poor Brushing
The point of poor brushing habits is connected to that of bacteria and microorganisms in that it facilitates their growth and survival. Many people do not know how to brush their teeth properly, and that is why they end up suffering from the dental problems mentioned earlier.

Some other causes of dental problems may include chronic illnesses such as diabetes and infections, among many other diseases. Some people with dental issues may have inherited them from their family members.

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