While regular dental visits are important for healthy teeth, it is also vital to take prevention measures from time to time. How you take care of your teeth will set you on the right path and lessen visits to the doctor. Here are essential tips to keep your teeth as healthy as possible all year round.

Brush and floss regularly

Regular brushing and flossing is important for the overall health of your teeth. Also, regular flossing has a link between oral health and heart wellness. If you can brush your teeth after every meal, that is advantageous. However, you should be in a position to brush at least twice a day. Be gentle but thorough when brushing. Ensure you get rid of all the food deposits from meals. You have to be consistent though, especially if you have veneers.

Get a tongue scrapper

Tongue scrappers help reduce the bacterial load in the mouth and freshen the breath. Food breaks down quickly when eating and some of the particles may hang around for a long time to produce a foul smell in the mouth. Some of them harbor lethal bacteria that can cause harmful effects to your dental health. Before you visit a dentist, invest in scrapper to get rid of food deposits in the tongue.

Use Sugar Sparingly

Sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. It fuels the growth of bacteria and increases the acidity in the mouth. The acidic environment fuels formation of a plaque that eats away the enamel and gums with time. You need to avoid sweetened foods such as coffee and ice cream to prevent tooth decay. According to health statistics, about 20% of Americans develop decayed tooth at one point in their life.

Drink a lot of water

You need to drink plenty of water to get rid of bacteria in the mouth. Water tends to make its way through the smallest crevices and gaps between the teeth. These are places where a tooth brush cannot reach, and the only way you can access them is by water. It is advisable to drink water and squash it in your mouth for some minutes.

Visit a dentist

You need to keep regular contact with a dentist for regular check-ups. If you live in Scottsdale, you can go to a cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale for check-up. The dentist will look at your dental root canals. If they are damaged or decayed, he or she may recommend dental fillings or teeth whitening.

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