Invisalign is a treatment that straightens teeth by using clear aligners. You have probably heard a lot about invisalign. However, there are a lot of myths about this treatment.

Myths And Truths About Invisalign

Myth: Invisalign Will Only Work If Your Teeth Are Mild To Moderately Crooked

Fact: People who have very crooked teeth can also benefit from getting Invisalign. A skilled and experienced dentist can determine whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

Myth: Invisalign Is Only For Adults

Fact: Invisalign has been primarily marketed to adults. However, it can also be used by teenagers.

Myth: People Who Wear Invisalign Have Dietary Restrictions

Fact: Because Invisalign can be removed at any time, there are no dietary restrictions. People who wear traditional braces have dietary restrictions because the wires and brackets can be damaged by certain foods. However, if you wear invisalign, then you will have to brush your teeth after eating and before putting the aligners back in.

Myth: Invisalign Is Much More Expensive Than Traditional Braces

Fact: The cost of Invisalign can vary. However, it typically costs about the same as traditional braces. Your dental insurance may also cover the cost of the invisalign.

Myth: Invisalign Can Be Purchased Online

Fact: You cannot purchase Invisalign from eBay, Amazon or any other website. You will have to get invisalign from a dentist.

Myth: I Can Wear Invisalign Occasionally And Still Get Results

Fact: You will have to wear Invisalign 20 to 22 hours to get results. The only time that you should take out Invisalign is when you are eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. If you take Invisalign out too much, then you will not be able to get the results that you want.

Myth: I Can Smoke While Using Invisalign

Fact: Even though you can remove the aligners, you should not smoke. Tobacco can discolor the aligners. It will also be hard to remove the nicotine residue. This can put you at a greater risk for developing tartar and plaque.

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