Laser cavity detection is one of the newest tools available in the battle against tooth decay. The traditional methods of finding cavities include visual inspection, feeling with a metal tool and x-rays. While the traditional methods still have their place, there are many advantages to laser cavity detection.

Early Detection

The primary advantage of laser detection is early detection. As the laser is more sensitive than other diagnostic tools, lasers can find problems before they would be found by other tests. Tool decay that is found very early is much easier to correct. This is due to small problems needing less invasive forms of treatment to stop the spread of decay and restore the tooth to full health and strength. Early detection also prevents the development of tooth decay that can ruin the looks of a person’s smile.

Office Safety

Though x-rays are a safe procedure, they are not without risks. X-rays use small amounts of radiation to create a photographic image of the bone and tooth structure of the mouth. The amount of radiation used to make an x-ray is small, but laser detection does not use any radiation. The less frequent use of x-rays means less exposure to radiation for patients as well as dentists, hygienists and others working in the office. Laser detection is also a useful tool when treating pregnant women as they should not be given x-rays due to the risks to the unborn child.

Pain Free

Using a metal tool to feel for cavities can be an unpleasant experience. It can even be painful for those with very sensitive teeth or who have an exposed nerve. Conversely the laser process is pain free. The laser wand is passed over teeth to detect any problems. The x-rays process can also be difficult for those who gag easily or who have sensitive gums.

Both the Scottsdale and Phoenix offices of Studio B Smiles can provide patients with laser cavity detection services. Contact our office If you are wanting to have your teeth scanned for hidden problems or are needing any other dental service.

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