Observing good care of your teeth, gum, and mouth is a significant goal. A good dental and oral hygiene plays a major role in preventing gum diseases, mouth odor, tooth cavity, and it can overall help keep your teeth healthy.

Your dental team consists of you and your dental professionals. You and your dental care provider can help prevent some dental problems from causing diminished quality of life and potential health complications. Below are the benefits of maintaining good dental hygiene, as agreed by Scottsdale. AZ dentists.

  • Maintains Healthy Teeth

Even though genetics contributes significantly to whether or not you will get cavities, brushing your teeth regularly and observing preventive dental care can greatly help in restoring and maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Regular brushing helps remove plaque that is capable of causing tooth decay. It also helps stimulate your gum to minimize the risk of having gum infections.

  • Helps in Detecting Infections

A key component of maintaining good oral and dental hygiene is by carrying out regular visits to your dental professional. Do you go after six months? You should! Ensure you visit our Scottsdale dentist regularly for teeth cleaning and checkup. Besides, our dentists can detect more than cavity by looking at your teeth. Among the conditions they can discover by a thorough assessment include:
• Acid reflux
• Dementia
• Oral cancer
• Heart problems
• Diabetes
• Tooth grinding
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Mental health issues

  • Manages and Prevent Infections

Some infections can have their roots in mouth and can cause serious health concerns if early management is not initiated. For instance, gingivitis, a condition that results in swelling of gums, if left untreated for long, can develop to periodontitis, which is a more severe infection that can even cause tooth loss.

Also, some oral infections have been linked to the following complications and diseases:

• Asthma
• Stroke
• Preterm birth
• Coronary artery disease
• Arthritis
• Low birth babies

In some cases, untreated gum infections can also lead to death

Simple Tips for Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene
• Eat fruits and minimize the intake of sugary foods
• Brush your teeth after every meal
• Get regular dental checkups
• Protect your children’s teeth with mouth guard during games.

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