Dental crowns help restore teeth aesthetics and functionality as well. At Studio B Smiles, we use high-quality materials to make your crown. We will clean your dentition first before we place the crown. Here are the benefits of dental crowns that you need to know.

Simple Procedure
A dental crown procedure is simple without any complications. We will clean your enamel, remove the damaged part, and shape your tooth. Once we have the mold, we create a crown in the laboratory that suits you. The next step is to place the crown, and the dentition will hold it securely. The process is minimally invasive; hence, it takes a short time to recover fully.

We use long-lasting materials that last for about 15 to 30 years. Composite restorative materials and porcelain are what we utilize to make your dental crown. You need to uphold proper care by flossing and brushing regularly. Ensure that you visit our clinic for examination to check whether your prosthetic teeth are in excellent condition.

Resemble Natural Teeth
Dental crowns resemble natural teeth, and no one will notice you have them. Your dentition will appear great, and you can smile without feeling self-conscious. If you have discoloration, cracked or damaged teeth, crowns are the ultimate option to remedy the issues. The dental appliances rectify any crookedness and fit in with the rest of your dentition.

Relieve Pain and Sensitivity
When you have cavities or tooth decay, you experience pain. Cracked, chipped, and fractured dentitions have a bit of sensitivity as well. After cleaning and fitting the crown, the pain drastically reduces. You can drink hot or cold water without getting a tingling sensation. Plus, chewing will become an easy task free from pain.

Custom-Made for Comfort
We make dental crowns based on the size, shape, and color of your teeth. When you heal, you won’t even remember you have a crown in your mouth. You can eat any food with sheer simplicity. What’s more, you won’t feel as though you have something heavy in your teeth. Our lab experts will create an impression of your tooth and use it to design a crown.

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