We all want our smiles to look gorgeous, white and bright. Unfortunately, as you age and depending on the diet you consume, your teeth will naturally yellow and lose their luster with time. Going for professional whitening treatments is crucial to whitening your teeth by multiple shades in just one visit, however, there are many things you can do at home to not only naturally brighten your smile, but also to maintain the results that you achieved after going for professional whitening.

First, you need to adopt healthy habits at home concerning your smile. This involves brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day. These habits remove plaque and debris from the teeth, as well as surface stains that are easy to get rid of when you get to them quickly. Next, you’ll want to be aware of the foods and drinks that you’re consuming and try to make the proper changes. Dark and heavy beverages like soda, tea and coffee can stain the teeth, making them look dull and yellow or even brown. Instead, opt for regular water or switch to beverages that are lighter or clear in color. The same can be said about foods that you might be eating that are dark and staining in nature, like blueberries and chocolate.

Try to opt for foods that scrape the teeth when you’re eating them, like veggies and harder fruits. These will help to brush your teeth while eating, which can help to keep the teeth as bright as possible. Many dental professionals will also recommend chewing on sugarless gum between meals, which can help to dislodge foods and whiten the teeth if you’re unable to get to a toothbrush to do the job. In fact, some gum manufacturers market their products as a way to whiten the teeth, but this is only done if you chew the gum often enough.

Obviously, you are also going to want to make routine trips to one of our Arizona dental offices in order to have professional cleanings done twice a year. If you’d like an even brighter smile, professional whitening is definitely the best option and it can transform the way that you look and feel about your teeth. At-home whitening is fine, too, but you won’t get the results you would by going to the dental office to have this done for you in a professional and understanding setting.

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