Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are amongst the most common dental problems impacting children. If left unchecked, this oral health malady could ultimately lead to more serious dental problems such as infections or gum disease. Educating young people regarding the importance of maintaining optimal dental hygiene might present a challenge. Fortunately, however, young people might avoid the development of cavities by practicing the following beneficial habits:

1. Brushing Frequently

Oral care professionals recommend that young people brush their teeth at least twice daily with toothpaste containing fluoride. Young people should also be instructed on how to properly floss their teeth.

2. Avoiding Specific Types Of Foods

Sugary foods and beverages are notorious for harming teeth and inducing cavities. Ergo, items like candy, sugary cereals, dessert items, sodas and fruit drinks should be consumed sparingly or not at all.

3. Consuming Healthy Snacks

Parents might reduce the risk of tooth decay in their children by encouraging said individuals to consume healthy snacks. If only healthy snacks are made available, the young persons in question might grow accustomed to such foods and lose their cravings for sugary junk foods.

4. Applying Sealants

Sealants are coverings applied to teeth to protect said structures from the buildup of bacteria and other potentially harmful particles. In children, sealants are often placed over their back teeth, more commonly known as molars because said teeth are considered to be more susceptible to cavity development. In many instances, sealants may remain in place for several years.

5. Consuming Water Treated With Fluoride

Dental professionals opine that the consumption of fluorinated water can decrease the risk of developing cavities in children. Many regions adhere to community water fluorinated in which the chemical is applied to a community’s water sources.

6. Receiving Appropriate Dental Care

Arguably, ensuring that a young person receives appropriate dental care is the most critical cavity prevention method in youngsters. Tooth decay can develop slowly and not become symptomatic until said maladies have grown large. Therefore, many oral care professionals suggest that children see a dentist at least once or twice per year.

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