If you are a parent with a child whose teeth are crooked, you certainly must wish to see the child’s teeth look like those of the kid in your neighborhood. There should never be any hope lost for your son or daughter as Scottsdale, AZ Cosmetic Dentists can align the bent teeth, and your child will have a broad smile.

There are reasons why you must not delay the planned consultation with a cosmetic dentist.

Misaligned Teeth can affect the Bite

Misaligned teeth create a big problem during meal time. Children can have twisted, or crowded, or overlapping teeth. Sometimes, the bent teeth arise from the jaws that do not have the same size. The dentist will refer to the protrusion, which makes the lower jaw or teeth to lie beyond the child’s upper teeth, as an overbite.

Crooked teeth can make proper chewing impossible. There will also be problems when brushing. Eventually, the kid may have gingivitis, tooth decay, and cavities. A person with misaligned teeth may strain the muscles a lot when feeding.

Low Self-esteem

Your kid is self-conscious always and lack the confidence and courage to mix with the age mates during the playtime. The unsightly teeth are likely to make your child face mistreatment from his or her peers. There is need to visit a Phoenix, AZ, cosmetic dentist for tooth alignment to boost your child’s self-image.

Impact on Normal Speech Mannerism

Teeth are a factor in a child’s speech development. As a parent who wishes the best for the child, you have the responsibility to correct the bent teeth when the child’s jaw is flexible and young in a pediatric clinic.

Damage to the Jaw Bones and Gums

Crooked teeth can lead to malocclusion or bad bite. The medical term for a bad bite is Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD), which in serious circumstances causes jaw point weaknesses.

The Challenge of Unclean Teeth

There is the inability to clean crowded teeth. The failure to clean teeth well can end with, cavities, a plaque-build up, and frequent gum diseases. If the teeth that are not straight remain unattended to, the issue can become worse in adulthood. Severely misaligned teeth can lead to gum diseases and mouth ulcers.

Scottsdale, AZ cosmetic dentist will have a solution for the crooked teeth. To align the teeth, your oral health specialist may recommend orthodontic options such as ceramic, lingual, or self-ligating braces. Nowadays, most cosmetic dentists prescribe the Invisalign, which is an invisible teeth straightening brace.

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