Stained teeth are one of the most common complaints that bring people to a cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona. The good news is that there many different ways to deal with teeth that are stained or simply not as white as a person would like. Though the simplest way to prevent stained teeth is through regular brushing and flossing, there is also a number of other things that people can do to keep their teeth healthy and white.

1. Use a Straw

The outer portions of the front teeth are the teeth most likely to become stained and they are also the teeth that are most visible. These teeth are especially prone to staining due to drinking beverages out of a glass. When drinking out of a glass, the liquid is poured over and through the front teeth. By simply drinking through a straw, the liquid enters the mouth behind the teeth where it is less likely to create a noticeable stain.

2. Finish Meals With Water

Ideally, people should brush their teeth after meals and snacks. Unfortunately, few people have the dedication to brush 4-5 or more times a day. One way to reduce staining, aside from brushing, is to drink water after every meal. Water will help prevent staining by washing food particles and colored liquids away from the teeth. As coffee is a frequent cause of staining, coffee drinkers should always drink a cup of water after drinking coffee.

3. Floss After Meals

Few people floss as often as they should, but it is an important step for keeping teeth healthy and white. By flossing after meals, any debris will be removed from between the teeth. Allowing debris to stay between the teeth will give the food item more time to stain the teeth. With many foods having artificial colors that can bleed onto teeth, it is important for people to get any stuck food out of their mouth.

Teeth can become stained and dark even with good dental hygiene habits. If they are stained or you simply want to set up a teeth whitening appointment, give us a call at Studio B Smiles. You should never delay having dark teeth examined as the darkness may be caused by a dental or medical problem.

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