Convincing your teenager to visit the regular dentist on a typical basis is probably challenging enough, especially when your kids have fears about these appointments that stem from their childhood. Now, however, you and your kids have also learned that they need a cosmetic procedure. Reading books and going to a waiting room with toys and games are two strategies unlikely to work for teenagers, so you, along with other parents, are eager to learn what to do.

1. Envision the Benefits

When your teenagers are listening to details about the procedure, they might feel both frightened and bored. One goal of many procedures in cosmetic dentistry is to improve the aesthetics of the teeth and smile. Use this outcome to your advantage. In other words, ask the dentist to show your teenagers samples of what their teeth can look like after the procedure. With today’s incredible technology, you may really have the ability to see quite accurately what your teenager’s teeth will look like after the procedure.

2. Discuss the Bright Side

Chances are that your kids are going to have to take some time off from school to recover from the procedure. While making this information seem positive can have a deleterious effect on little kids, your teenagers are likely old enough to recognize that they don’t get to miss school every time a little situation occurs. If your teens have one class that they particularly loathe going to, remind them that they will get some time away from it while they have and recover from the procedure.

3. Teach Self-Advocacy

Sometimes, teenagers fear dental procedures because they are worried that their voices won’t be heard. Teach your teenager how to advocate for themselves. For example, when you go to consultations about the procedure, you shouldn’t be the only one talking. If your kids have questions, encourage them to do the asking. Your teenagers should feel comfortable with and confident in their dentists, and if you are the one doing all of the speaking and asking of questions, you are not helping to foster that relationship.

Cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale is a field that many teenagers don’t know too much about. If your kids need to have a procedure, you want to help them to feel as positive as possible about the situation. Employing some strategies that are more geared toward teenagers than all children in general can help motivate positive feelings.

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