When your dentist recommends that you have a cosmetic procedure done to your teeth, you may immediately acquiesce. However, when such a recommendation is provided for your kids, you may hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

Procure a Second Opinion
If your current dentist has suggested a cosmetic procedure and you’re uncomfortable with it, you can obtain a second opinion. Through doing so, you can have the necessity of the procedure reaffirmed, or you can learn about other options.

Consider Your Children’s Growth
In the event that you have received a recommendation for a cosmetic procedure before all of your children’s baby teeth have fallen out, you should inquire about the effects of doing so. Depending upon the proximity of the teeth to one another, the procedure might be possible now.

Potential Complications
Discussing your children’s medical history may prove necessary if a certain procedure is recommended. For example, the procedure might require anesthesia. You may be worried if your children have asthma. You can speak with the dentist and your children’s doctor about any additional concerns you should have or preparations that should be made.

Children’s Input
Ultimately, you have the final say in the decision, and if the procedure is to better your children’s health, then the choice should be clear. However, when the procedure is entirely cosmetic, you can garner input from your kids to find out if they want it now. In the event that the issue is not really bothering them, you may decide to put it off until they are a bit older and can better take charge of the aftercare.

Recovery Time
Finding out how long it will take to recover from the procedure is necessary. When your kids have a big test the day after the procedure, you may want to consider moving the date of the latter. Some cosmetic procedures may barely require any recovery time at all, but you can’t necessarily predict how your kids will feel after them.

Major Events
You may also want to consider delaying the procedure if your kids have major events, such as graduation, coming up soon. Asking the dentist if you can wait until after the event is over is a smart decision.

Ultimately, you need to take into account whether the procedure is for health purposes or for cosmetic reasons only. The answer to that question plays a significant role in deciding what to do next.

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