Let’s face it, the vast majority of us love a good glass of soda every once in awhile. It might be a habit of yours to grab a soda when eating a burger or enjoying some sweets. Unfortunately, soda is a major problem for those who want to achieve a beautiful and pristine smile. There are a variety of ways that soda affects your teeth, and understanding how this beverage has an impact on your teeth might make you go for some water instead.

First off, soda contains something known as citric acid, which is what gives it its bubbly and spicy flavor. Unfortunately, citric acid is horrendous for your teeth and can literally eat away at the enamel. There have been a number of studies and at-home experiments done showing that items soaked in soda for long periods of time literally disintegrate. This is pretty scary news when it concerns your teeth, as it can be problematic when trying to keep your smile in good shape.

Another way that soda has an impact on your teeth is because of its caramel coloring. Traditional sodas have caramel color added to give the beverage a rich, dark color. This means problems for your teeth, as you’ll find that your enamel stains quicker the more soda that you drink. Along with the caramel coloring, soda contains a ton of sugar that is what bacteria in your mouth like to feed on. This means more tooth decay and cavities that will need to be remedied by your local dental office.

Because of the large amount of problems associated with soda, it is best to stick to water when you are trying to keep your teeth in good shape. You will notice that by ditching soda, your teeth are less likely to stain as quickly and you’ll have better dental checkups due to the limit of sugar that you’re ingesting. Plus, your waistline might thank you by giving up the soda habit that you’ve had for years.

There are truly many benefits to ditching soda for good, but when it comes to your teeth, you’ll find that it improves your smile for the better. You will probably hear from your dental team to give up soda, and they will definitely notice a difference in the shape and quality of your teeth once you make the decision to stop drinking it on a routine basis.

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