A dental crown or filling is a prosthetic tooth that is made of a synthetic material. These two types of restorations are used to fix broken, chipped, or misaligned teeth. They are used to restore the strength, function, and shape of a tooth. A dental crown is a common procedure for treating cavities. It can also be used to hold a dental bridge.

A dental filling is a simple restoration for a cracked or chipped tooth. A dental crown is a permanent tooth restoration that is designed to cover an existing tooth. A dental crown can change the color, shape, and contour of a tooth. It is the best option for teeth that have been broken or cracked by an accident or repeated dental procedures. A dental crown will last for years. A filling is usually needed for a small cavity.

A dental crown is a better choice if the tooth is cracked or severely decayed. The extra support provided by a dental crown can prevent the tooth from breaking further. Additionally, it will prevent the mouth from adapting to a missing tooth. If this happens, the teeth may begin to misalign and have a poor bite. A dental filling can also cause a person to have a sensitive smile.

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