There are many benefits of dental implants. These artificial teeth are anchored in the jawbone. The implant is connected to a small connector post called an abutment. The dentist makes impressions of the patient’s teeth to create a model of the patient’s bite. The replacement tooth is attached to the abutment. Some patients do not require individual crowns; instead, they will have attachments on the implant for their removable denture.

Implants are made from titanium. Their surface texture has a significant impact on the long-term integration and stability of the treatment. A porous titanium surface is better for long-term integration. A plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating is a great option for improving the contact between the implant and the bone. Another option is Zirconia. The implant head is shaped like a hexagon. This connection is called an external hex connector.

Patients can undergo dental implants if the tooth is damaged and there is enough bone in the jaw. A dentist can also extract the damaged tooth along with the implant, in which case the dentist can immediately attach the artificial tooth. This process is called immediate implant placement. The temporary restoration is attached without the need for additional minor surgery to expose the implant post. If this procedure doesn’t work, the patient can get a new tooth in three months. The process is painless and requires only a few visits to the cosmetic dentist.

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