When you go to a cosmetic dentist to get veneers, you should know that the procedure isn’t something that happens overnight. Your dentist will need to remove a thin layer of your tooth’s enamel before placing the porcelain veneers. He will also take impressions of your teeth, which he will use to create the veneers. In about two weeks, your veneers will be created and bonded to your tooth.

Before having the procedure, your dentist will apply an acid gel to your tooth. The gel will help create a firm surface to attach the veneers to. Then, a bonding agent will be applied to the surface of the veneer. After that, the shade of the veneer will be placed inside the resin. Next, a blue light will be beamed on the veneer to solidify the bond. Finally, your dentist will clean your teeth and apply a protective sealant.

The process of getting veneers is easy and involves only two appointments. Your first visit is for taking impressions, and your second visit will involve bonding the veneers to your teeth. The preparation of your teeth is minimal, and you may need to have a local anesthetic. While your teeth will lose some enamel, it’s not very painful and isn’t a cause for concern. Your dentist will discuss financing options with you and whether you will need a full set or partial set of veneers.

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