Many people like to quench their thirst with a cold soda. However, while refreshing, this oft-favored beverage can exert significantly adverse consequences on their teeth.

Soda’s Impact Upon Teeth

Few edible or drinkable products contain higher sugar concentrations than the average soft drink. Excessive consumption of these beverages precipitates erosion of enamel, which is a tooth’s hard, outer region.

Sugar gradually eats away at this typically durable material. Moreover, once enamel is compromised, it weakens and grows softer.

When deterioration becomes particularly pronounced, crevices or openings can form within the teeth. In dental terminology, these malformations are called cavities.

Cavities may result in pain, chewing difficulties, insensitivity to hot and cold foods and libations, and could increase a stricken individual’s risk of developing more serious dental issues like infections or lost teeth.


Most dental professionals agree that the most direct route to avoiding such problems is to cease soda intake. However, many enjoy said beverage’s cool, refreshing taste enough to never completely stop.

For said individuals, they might be able to minimize associated damage by adhering to precautions including:

Curtailing Intake

Oral care providers maintain consumption should be limited to no more than one soft drink per day. Furthermore, intake should not occur prior to bedtime.

Using A Straw

Believe it or not, drinking soda with a straw might reduce sugar-related damage. This is because an imbiber will consume smaller amounts at a time and avoid large sugar levels or corrosive acids from making contact with teeth.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

When engaging in a potentially deleterious action like soda drinking, good oral care is of the essence. Therefore, said individuals are highly urged to brush at least twice per day, floss after meals, use mouthwash, and receive routine dental checkups.

Ingest More Tooth-Friendly Beverages

Instead of drinking soda, individuals might also consider drinking more tooth-friendly beverages such as water, milk, and herbal tea.

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