There are many individuals who may have straight, white teeth, but may still be insecure about their smile. In some cases, the cosmetic concern is not actually with the teeth, but the gums. In addition to excessive gum tissue, it is not uncommon to see that the gum line is uneven. This can occur regardless of pristine oral care as it is genetic for some people. However, this condition can be corrected.

Contouring of the Gum

In a procedure commonly referred to as gum contouring, a laser is utilized to remove excess tissue and to shape the gums. This is an in-office procedure that requires no down time and offers immediate results. A light anesthetic is used to ensure that the client feels no pain or discomfort during the procedure. In the following first few days, some light tingling or a burning sensation may be felt. This can help be prevented or decreased by adhering to follow-up instructions.

Candidates for the Procedure

While laser contouring of the gum is safe and effective, not everyone may be a good candidate. Those who suffer from dental problems such as decay, broken teeth and a number of other concerns will need to have these issues corrected prior to this procedure. Also, gum contouring may not be recommended for those who may have suffered from erosion of teeth or gums. In these cases, other procedures may be needed instead or in combination.

Costs and Payment of Gum Contouring

The exact cost will vary based on individual factors and includes whether or not additional services are required during the visit. This type of procedure is considered cosmetic, as such, the majority of dental insurance providers will not cover the cost. The only potential exception to insurance coverage of this procedure is if there is a growth or lesion of the tissue being removed and it is negatively impacting oral health.

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