Dental crowns help restore teeth aesthetics and functionality as well. At Studio B Smiles, we use high-quality materials to make your crown. We will clean your dentition first before we place the crown. Here are the benefits of dental crowns that you need to know. Simple Procedure A dental crown procedure is simple without any complications. We will clean your enamel, remove the damaged part, and shape your tooth. Once

Dental health is a critical component of an individual’s general health. Therefore, many people partake in numerous oral care-boosting efforts. That said, however, numerous persons overlook water’s value to dental fitness. How Water Benefits Oral Health? Dental and healthcare providers maintain that water exercises several positive influences over one’s oral robustness including: Fluoride Simple tap water often contains appreciable fluoride levels. This natural element is highly-touted for its capacity to

Excellent oral hygiene entails flossing and brushing teeth regularly. Also, you need to visit a dentist for routine checkups. This way, you will be sure that you don’t develop gum issues and cavities. At Studio B Smiles, we offer customized treatment for all our patients. Here are the benefits that come with great oral health. Excellent Smile When your teeth are in perfect condition, you can smile with ease. You

When many people think of a healthy smile, the first image conjured is that of shiny, effervescent and, above all, white teeth. That said, the teeth are continually exposed to food, beverages, and potentially harmful particles like pathogens. Any of these items could cause aesthetically-pleasing white teeth to turn yellow and other undesirable colors. Ergo, many people concerned about their physical appearance and oral health continually strive to keep their

Everyone has experienced a toothache from time to time. Furthermore, many people tend to ignore such events. Fortunately, in many cases, the problem is relatively minor and passes in short order. That said, other dental symptoms could indicate potentially serious underlying concerns and should never be ignored. Dental Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored Bleeding Gums Bleeding is never a good sign. In numerous instances, bloody gums indicates the presence