Some patients fear dental visits. It is typically because of a previous negative experience or no experience at all. Our goal is to put our patients at ease, so they can receive the care they need. The patient is always in control of their treatment before, during and after the procedures. We have developed a simple communication signal system that is based on hand rising when the patient is uncomfortable or needs to take a break.

We always take the time to build a connection with our patients. We try to understand the reasons behind the fear or anxiety and try to address it immediately. We also ask the patients about their oral health goals such the aesthetics or functionality of their mouth. Our dentists present all available options and make appropriate suggestions in efforts to meet the patient’s expectations.

At the time of the initial visit, the patient’s health history is fully reviewed to ensure proper treatment plan. Patient’s who exhibit enhanced sings of anxiety may be offered the use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) during the procedures. Patients with cardiovascular issues are only administered an appropriate dosage of local anesthetics to minimize the chance of medical complications. Special attention is paid to the patients with arthritis or osteoporosis who may not be able to remain in reclined position for any extended periods of time.

We discuss the essential treatment in detail and create a treatment plan with the patient’s approval. Our dental providers may ask you questions about any dental concerns you may have such as injections or types of materials we use in our practice. All of our patients are fully educated about preventive care and oral health regimen at home as well as treatment options presently available.

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