Although many people try various at-home whitening products, the American Dental Association recommends an in-office procedure. However, if you’d like to whiten your teeth without spending a lot of money, there are also some safe and effective at-home whitening products available. Using at-home whitening products is generally safe, but dental professionals warn that they can be too abrasive and may damage your teeth over time.

Teenagers should wait until they’re at least 14 years old before they undergo whitening. The pulp chamber in the teeth of younger children has not yet fully developed, so bleaching can harm it and cause sensitivity. Additionally, people who are sensitive to peroxide should avoid whitening treatments. Most effective whitening treatments are recommended for yellow-colored stains. However, if you have brown or gray-colored stains, you’ll need to apply more product than a teenager.

Teeth whitening products that are supervised by a dentist use customized mouthpiece trays that help minimize contact with soft tissue and gums. Over-the-counter whitening products use mouthpiece trays that don’t fit correctly and are more likely to cause irritation. The in-office procedure, on the other hand, uses a direct application of bleach to the teeth. This is why cosmetic dentists recommend these procedures. You should also know that a dentist can offer a safe, effective, and affordable teeth whitening option.

The cost of teeth whitening treatments depends on the kind of treatment you choose. Some treatments are covered by insurance, but it’s important to understand that the results of teeth whitening vary from person to person. The results you get will depend on your lifestyle, diet, and habits, as well as the method you choose. While at-home whitening treatments can lighten your teeth by as many as nine shades, you’ll need to follow them with booster treatments at least every six months. Professional teeth whitening systems, on the other hand, don’t need to have any booster treatments for a year.

In addition to at-home teeth whitening methods, you can also try a whitening toothpaste or oral rinse once a week. These products can help whiten teeth and can even make you feel more confident. Although you should never rely solely on one treatment for bright teeth, a dentist will be able to recommend the best treatment for your teeth. This will give you a brighter smile and an overall healthy heart!

Some of these products will bleach your teeth by removing intrinsic stains while others will use an abrasive ingredient to whiten them. These products contain hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which are powerful oxidizing agents. In high doses, they may cause irritation to the body. Therefore, it is important to follow the directions carefully so that you don’t end up with a whiter smile than you expected.

Teeth whitening products work by getting oxygen into your teeth’s enamel. The oxygen lightens the teeth and reduces the appearance of discoloration. Depending on the type of treatment, the process can take anywhere from three to four weeks. The results are usually visible within three to four weeks, but some people may require a re-treatment every six months or a year, especially if they smoke or drink staining beverages.

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