Teeth can become yellowed and stained for a variety of different reasons. For most people, their teeth yellow because of different foods and drinks that are consumed. If you’re a heavy smoker, you’ll also find that your teeth yellow more often than those who are nonsmokers. Unfortunately, a stained smile can make you feel badly about your appearance and may cause you to avoid smiling altogether because you just don’t like the way that your teeth look. This is where professional teeth whitening in Scottsdale can come in handy and why it is important for obtaining a healthy, full and beautiful smile.

There are a few different ways that you can make use of professional whitening. First, you can have the professionals make custom trays for you and you will be given whitening gel that can be put into these custom trays. You will then be told to worn the trays for around 30 minutes a day for optimal results. This is an easy and effective option and it provides you with custom made trays so that every surface of your smile is covered with the whitening gel, which is something you would not be able to get from a store bought whitening kit.

Your next option is to sit in the office for roughly an hour while your teeth are whitened professionally. This is done by having you sit with whitening gel on your teeth and a curing light used to set the gel and remove stains. This is an ideal option for those who want a beautiful smile without having to wait a long time just to begin to see results. Obviously, the results that you will see will depend on the method used and how stained your teeth were to begin with. You can speak with the dentist to find out more about the results you should expect from whitening treatment.

Whitening is important for getting your teeth to where they look and feel their best. You will find that when your teeth are gorgeous and white, you feel much better about smiling and want to do what’s best for your teeth. You will want to talk to the dental professional to find out more about what they are able to do for you and the specific types of treatments that are available to meet your needs. You will be left with gorgeous teeth that you can feel proud to show off.

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