Sugary beverages are one of the greatest threats to dental health. Sweet liquids flow around the teeth and leave residue on every surface of the teeth. The sticky sugar remains in crevices, gaps and other hard to clean areas of the teeth. The sugar feeds plaque forming bacteria that can quickly cause cavities, gum disease and other dental problems. It seems that the choice to drink beverages with artificial sweeteners is an obvious one when considering all of the problems that sugary drinks can cause. However, diet sodas and other artificially sweetened beverages also pose a number of risks to teeth.


The acids in many beverages, such as diet colas and citrus flavored drinks, can eat away at the enamel of teeth. This reduction in enamel can create weak spots where cavities can develop. The weak spots can also become discolored and create unattractive teeth. It isn’t just soft drinks, coffee, tea and most other flavored drinks also contain acids.


Most beverages, including those with artificial sweeteners, contain artificial coloring. This coloring provides an attractive appearance for a variety of beverages from colas to sports drinks. This coloring not only works to color beverages, it can also color teeth. Over time, artificial sweeteners can permanently stain teeth.


Cold beverages, regardless of sugar content, can be damaging to teeth. Cold temperatures cause a slight contraction of the hard enamel coating of the teeth. This contraction can cause the enamel to crack. This is especially true if the enamel has already been damaged or weakened.

False Security

One of the biggest problems caused by artificially sweetened beverages is the false sense of security that the beverages will not harm teeth. A person who never drinks sugary drinks may develop poor dental hygiene habits due to his or her belief that the artificially sweetened beverages are harmless. Those who drink only beverages with artificial sweeteners still need to practice good dental hygiene. A person should drink water often during the day to rinse teeth of acids and other substances. Brushing teeth multiple times each day and regularly visiting a dental professional in AZ is also essential.

Both sugary drinks and artificially flavored drinks can harm teeth. However, if the damage is found early enough, it can be corrected. Regular dental visits are necessary to uncover problems and to keep healthy and strong. Call our Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale today to see what we can do for your damaged teeth.

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