When you are looking to invest in a new beautiful smile, you must choose between the options of traditional veneers or no prep veneers. Dr. B and his expert team will thoroughly guide you through a personalized treatment plan, however there are several benefits to both options.

No prep veneers are an attractive option for patients who already have good alignment and who are looking for slight alterations to their smile in the form of fixing small imperfections and smile brightening . This option requires little to no preparation of the tooth, so minimal enamel is removed. No prep veneers are an attractive option to save time, as the patient must not undergo the process of ‘temps’ required by traditional veneers in Scottsdale AZ.

Traditional veneers require removal of a small portion of enamel, but that should not deter a patient from choosing this option. Veneers have the capacity to completely alter a smile through changing alignment, significant whitening, and an extremely natural result because of the removal of enamel. No prep veneers cannot change alignment alone, requiring additional orthodontic options. Veneers are completely color stable, due to being slightly thicker, and can be placed on teeth which have had small restorations in the past.

These classifications for smile transformations contain grey areas, as talented dentists paired with skilled dental lab technicians have the power to create ultra-thin traditional veneers requiring very little removal of enamel. Veneers are completely customizable, and with talented and caring cosmetic dental specialists in Scottsdale, the right options will be presented for individual cases.

Dr. B, Dr. Murphy, and Dr. Badall at Studio B Smiles are passionate about giving you that gorgeous smile you have always wanted. Our experts can walk you through your personalized smile makeover options, and help you choose the right option which fits your lifestyle. Veneers and No prep veneers, completed by our amazing team, will absolutely transform your smile.

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