Laser detection technology makes it so that we can catch tooth decay in its beginning stages. This means we can quickly remove it before it gets to the point where you need those invasive procedures we all dread. Studio B Smiles wants to make sure you get the best dental care in Arizona!

What Is Laser Detection?

We use a small tool that shoots a beam of light at your teeth. The beam of light sends a reading back to the instrument, which tells us if there’s decay or breaks in the teeth. These small areas are hard to see with the naked eye but can lead to advanced tooth decay.

The entire process is completely painless and doesn’t take long complete. We can see up to about 90% accuracy and diagnoses of tooth decay compared to only 57% accuracy with traditional methods. Using a laser cavity detection in Scottsdale AZ for tooth decay will also tell us the level of decay and how damaged your tooth is.

What are the Benefits of Laser Detection?

Traditional x-rays don’t pick up on tooth decay until it’s more advanced. Laser detection can detect decay when it’s in the beginning stages. This means that we’ll be able to treat your tooth disease before it enters more advanced stages.

Decay can also be removed before the enters the softer part of your tooth, which can lead to bigger problems. Another great benefit to laser detection is that we can catch decay while it’s small enough to use less invasive procedures to remove it.

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