1. Becoming Aware Of White Teeth

When I was young and getting into chapter books, I remember my sister reading a historical romance. She offered it to me and I was hooked! That book took me to the plains of North Dakota in winter, spring, summer, and fall. With it brought the astounding awareness of how the author described the characters in the book. This new awareness of reading how people appeared to someone instead of how they looked was so creative and imaginative.

2. White Teeth Portrays Youth

I was able to actually SEE them based on her descriptions. She described the young kids and their personalities but how she described their pure white teeth and gaps was amazing to me. She went on to describe how her elders had yellowed, cracked, chipped, and missing teeth. Most memorable was how she described the young beau that was courting the main character. His teeth appeared strong and white. They were straight and gleamed when he flashed his broad smile.

3. Why Do Our Teeth Yellow?

That got me thinking that characteristic was so distinctive. How do we keep our teeth white all throughout our lives? Why do we need bright white teeth? Well, cosmetic dentistry in AZ has come a long way in developing the means for whitening the teeth as we age. I know for me that cup of tea or the pumpkin spice latte will do some stain damage over the winter on mine! Just aging and wearing of the enamel will cause some yellow to appear as well. The enamel will crack and wear away with brushing and trauma. Clenching or using our teeth for unintended purposes will also crack and chip them. This leads to more yellow showing through. We need white teeth to appear younger and stronger. We need to keep our teeth healthy yet that sometimes don’t keep them bright white.

Ask Your Dental Health Professional About Teeth Whitening

This is why we have developed new treatments to keep teeth their whitest. Ask our cosmetic dentist about what techniques we use and if you would be a candidate for teeth whitening in Scottsdale AZ.

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