In case you haven’t noticed, the digital age is here to stay. From computers and smartphones to cameras and other things, digital technology makes life better and easier. In fact, this describes how digital technology is used in modern dentistry. In years past when you visited a dentist, you were subjected to traditional x-rays that were time-consuming and inconvenient for patients and staff. However, advanced technology has now made digital x-rays advantageous over traditional x-rays in many ways.

Decreased Radiation Exposure
For starters, digital x-ray technology allows for a greatly decreased exposure to radiation. Because of this, these x-rays are very environmentally-friendly due to their not needing various chemicals or even film.

Shorter Appointments
While we know you love visiting us here at Studio B Smiles, we also know you lead a busy life and have plenty of things to do each and every day. Thanks to our use of digital x-rays, you can look forward to shorter appointment times in most instances. Since digital x-rays don’t require film that needs to be developed, the x-rays can instead be saved immediately to a computer file and viewed by your dentist only moments later.

Enlarged and Enhanced
When your dentist here at Studio B is trying to find out something about your teeth, x-rays play a critical role in that process. By using digital x-rays, your dentist can now enlarge, enhance, and measure these pictures of your teeth. As a result, certain problems can be detected much earlier than before, and thus more specialized treatment programs can be used to keep your teeth in great shape.

Quality Time with Patients
Finally, not having to worry about developing traditional x-rays means your dentist and other staff here at Studio B can spend more quality time with you during your visit. By doing so, you can get questions answered, concerns addressed, and better overall treatment.

If you have been putting off that trip to the dentist, don’t continue to do so. To place your trust in dental professionals who care about you and your family, contact us at Studio B by calling 480-860-0092.

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