For the longest time, many of us have wondered how most celebrities, models, and actors manage to maintain that brilliant smile and nice-looking teeth. You only need to visit a cosmetic dentistry expert to get that gorgeous smile as well. Our services at Studio B Smiles are offered by the most qualified and experienced dentists committed to give you a perfect smile that will go a long way in boosting your image and confidence. We dedicate our time to our clients to receive quality services to ensure their satisfaction.

Our offices have state of the art facilities and offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services that will transform your teeth and give you that beautiful smile. Some of the services you will get from

Studio B Smiles include;

It is a modern, quick service that allows an in-office fabrication and restoration for your teeth in a single visit.

Dental bridges
It’s a tooth replacement option designed to bridge a gap between your teeth that might have been left by losing a tooth or teeth. Dental bridges help restore your smile and maintain the natural contour of your face.

Dental veneers
They are thin shells made of tooth-colored material, mostly porcelain, that are bonded on the front surface of your teeth to conceal cracked, stained, or generally damaged teeth to improve their appearance.

Dental crowns
These are tooth-shaped tooth covers placed and cemented over teeth to bring back the size, shape, and appearance of your teeth. They are used to treat teeth that have been damaged due to reasons such as tooth decay and injuries.

Teeth whitening
It involves using different treatments to restore the color of teeth that have been darkened by age, smoking, or particular foods and drinks. Our in-office whitening gives you instant results.

Gum re-contouring
Involves laser gum reshaping to renew your gum contours to give a balanced and symmetrical appearance for people who are overly conscious anytime they smile.
For all your cosmetic dentistry services, feel free to contact our offices in Scottsdale and Phoenix. We have the best options for the brightest smile.

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