Sometimes, even the most beautiful smile can have a blemish. But while some people may call it a flaw, others may refer to it as natural beauty, and they enjoy the appearance of the gap between their teeth. There is absolutely no harm with having a gap on your front teeth. If you don’t mind it, then go ahead and enjoy your smile. However, if you have concerns with the look of the gap, visit your cosmetic dentist for more information about Invisalign.

What causes gaps to form between teeth?

A wide range of dental habits can lead to the formation of gaps between the front teeth. One of them is tongue thrusting. It has been established that people who keep pressing their tongue against the teeth while swallowing may end up with a diastema on their front teeth. Kids who thumb suck or use pacifiers after the age of four may also develop these gaps.

Furthermore, diastema may develop when the front teeth are separated by an overly large frenum. This refers to the tiny flap that joins the upper lip to the gum. If labia frenum is excessively large and juts between the front teeth, then it can lead to the formation of a diastema.

Other causes of tooth gaps also known as diastema include the difference in size between the teeth and the jaw. There can be an improper spacing of the teeth when they are of normal size, but the jaw is overly large. Diastema can also result from the occurrence of mesiodens and periodontitis.

Treatment options for diastema

A cosmetic dentist will recommend treatment depending on an individual case. The two common treatments include the use of Invisalign and metal braces. Of the two, Invisalign has become the most popular orthodontic treatment for gaps in between the teeth.

It involves the use of tailor-made plastic aligner trays, which the patient has to wear as instructed by a dentist. If done correctly, Invisalign will get rid of the gaps in a year or less. Invisalign has become popular because of their subtle appearance. Unlike metal braces, the trays match the color of the teeth, and they are practically invisible.

Since they are custom made, Invisalign are also comfortable and fits comfortably among the teeth and gums. Furthermore, the Invisalign trays can be removed whenever you need to ear or brush your teeth. Patients are also getting faster results with Invisalign treatment than with the braces.

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